About Us

Vinclox is an online vintage shop, selling high quality clothing and accessories, sourced locally and internationally. We cater to a community filled with unique and talented individuals of different personalities and tastes in fashion, while still being able to blend together. Our goal is to influence our community to make conscious decisions towards a sustainable future, starting with their wardrobe. 

Established in 2018, Vinclox was initially birthed with the idea to share our passion for collecting high quality vintage clothing, while encouraging individuals to express themselves and create their own rules to fashion. As we began to grow, we observed how important forging a community was and realized the positive impact it had on people. Over the years, domestically and internationally, we’ve catered to and provided an exceptional shopping experience to individuals who are business professionals, artists, mothers, stylists, influencers, and even newly weds! Some of our clients include Google, The Guardian, and Puma. 

As we continue to grow and explore new ways to contribute positively to the fashion industry, we’d make sure to bring you along the journey.